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The Department of International Relations

   Head of International Affairs
   Akramova Feruza Ikromovna
   Address: 140104 ,  Boulvar st. 17, Samarkand, Republic of Uzbekistan
   Тел: +998 97 915 51 00
The Department of International Relations is a structural unit of the International University of Tourism "Silk Road".
          The department operates on the basis of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan: Laws of Uzbekistan “On Education”, decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cabinet of Ministers, regulatory acts of the Ministry of Higher Education and State Committee of Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism development , The IUT Statute, decisions of the Academic Council and the IUT.
          The purpose of the department is management and coordination under the leadership of the administration of the International University of Tourism "Silk Road" activities of all departments:
  • to provide in accordance with national and international educational standards of quality training of highly qualified professional personnel in tourism sphere using  in the educational process of modern innovative and scientific-pedagogical technologies, the latest achievements of science and technology;
  • to create conditions for the close integration of educational and scientific activities with production activities;
  • to organize of retraining and advanced training of specialists of subjects of tourism;
  • to implement of tourist activities and passenger transportation in the field of tourism;
  • to develop cooperation with leading national and foreign educational institutions and research centers, including through the involvement of their specialists and experts in the process of training and research, the organization of international scientific conferences, seminars and symposiums to discuss topical issues in the field of tourism.
  • to provide academic mobility;
  • to organize summer and winter schools with foreign partner universities and ensuring the participation of MUT students in their work;
  • to develop and to provide of inclusive education programs;
  • to develop and to maintain of double degree programs;
  • to support the communications with representative offices of European and international organizations located in the territory of Uzbekistan;
  • to organize of meetings and protocol support of delegations;
Department functions are:
  • organizational, methodological and representative support of international cooperation of the IUT;
  • identification of priority areas of cooperation, advanced planning of international relations of the IUT, search and selection of partners for networking at the university level, participation in the development of plans and programs for joint activities, the implementation of international exchanges;
  • preparation and implementation of international educational and research projects;
  • establishing partnerships and organizing the implementation of work programs of cooperation of the IUT with educational institutions, institutions, organizations and foundations of foreign countries;
  • implementation of information and analytical support and support for international cooperation for the purpose of mutual coordination of actions and the implementation of international exchanges and contacts, namely academic mobility, including the mobility of students and faculty;
  • coordination of work and assistance to faculties, departments and other units of the IUT in the implementation of international cooperation and academic exchange in accordance with the agreements reached, assistance in organizing international conferences and maintaining relations with foreign universities, institutions and organizations;
  • implementation of protocol events in connection with the preparation and conduct of the reception of foreign delegations arriving at the Silk Road International University of Tourism with official, working, unofficial (private) visits.
Currently, the International University of Tourism "Silk Road" has active links with the following universities and organizations:
  1. Sahid resorts and hotels
  2. Sahid Institute of tourism
  3. Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank
  4. Sochi State University
  5. North Caucasus State University
  6. Kazan State Institute of Culture
  7. Institute of Archeology named after A.Kh. Halikov Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan
  8. Institute of International Relations of Kazan Federal University
  9. Palimbang Polytechnic University in Indonesia
  10. Tourism Academy in Antaliya (Turkey)
  11. A bilateral agreement with the issuance of double diplomas was signed with the Sahid Polytechnic School in Jakarta and the Sahid Tourism Institute in Surakart (Indonesia)