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"Tutor-Student" school

     Together with three departments, at the Faculty of “Tourism Management”,  was created the “Tutor-Student system”, in which the best the faculty of the university conduct their activities. Creatively gifted students with good academic performance are involved in this system.
     All first-year students are attached to professors, doctors of sciences and candidates of science, also scientific researchers of the university.

    School "Tutor-Student" is:

- improving the professional level and competence of young teachers at the University;

- development of positive attitude to teaching activity among young specialists-teachers;

- the ability to accelerate adaptation and achieve the expected results in teaching;

- assistance in improving the quality of the educational process at the University.

This system is a kind of road map that helps the young teacher to get acquainted with the activities of all structures and departments of the University system. This is an example to follow and an example of the organization of pedagogical activity, and the process of stimulating the young teacher.