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     The council of young scientists under The international university of tourism “ Silk road “ was set by the scientists, experienced specialists in the sphere of informational and communicatory technologies, senior scientific researchers, independent supplicant and the students of magistracy of university (further young scientist ). The council is counted to be public organization.
     The council of young scientists reveals the organ, which organizes and guide the labor of young scientists and researchers. Organization supports the enhancement of their creative activity, specialization, scientific decision of significant and practical problems of social-economic development of country, helping them fully to demonstrate their opportunities.
The performance of the council
  • works out and claims their plans for current year and hears out concerning their execution. They claim plans of scientific conferences, seminars and the information about the preparation and conduction of events.
  • young scientists routinely organize lectures of experienced professors and specialists.
  • organizes publications of scientific-popular materials according to topical questions of improving informational and communicatory technologies in the resources of mass media (television, radio, newspaper and journals).
  • carries offers in department of high and secondary special education , and also manual of the university, the attendance of young scientists according to particular directions in the international conferences, exchanging scientific experiences and probation in abroad.
  • in the sessions of the council is being listened to the information of young specialists, who improve their - in the institutes of foreign countries.
  • considers and discusses offers about changes of the composition of the council.
The purpose, objectives and functions
  • The aim of this organization is controlling the scientific researches of young scientists, and also supporting their scientific demonstrations and professional level, revelation of their creative conduct, support to youngers in the sphere of scientific researches, and creature new scientific schools, aid by high qualified professors academics in order to improve the methods of council and product good frames.
  • Organize scientific and technical seminars.
  • Invite the scientists for the work of seminars  and discuss  researches of young scientists.
  • Adapt young scientists and researches of the university, and support them to organize practical researches.
  • Recommend scientific articles of young scientists and researchers to the publication.
  • Support to the youth to organize new researches.
  • Attract young scientists to contribute with their innovative ideas for the social development of the country.
  • Organize seminars, contests according to the researches of the young scientists and the researches of the university.
  • Plan and organize tours for students in order to attend in the national and international conferences in abroad.