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International University of Tourism “Silk Road”
The Information For Foreign Applicants
International University of Tourism “Silk Road” (hereinafter - SIUT) was established in Samarkand by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan under № 3815 on 28.06.2018. Today, the University is the leading educational institution of higher professional education in the field of tourism. The University provides its graduates with unique theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which will change their perception of the profession and will enable them to work in the best hotels, restaurants and travel agencies around the world.
The aim of the University is to train highly qualified and competitive personnel in the global market of the tourism industry, ensuring the full involvement of the potential of the regions in the tourism involving, the development of services, the formation of a positive image of the Republic as an attractive center of tourism destination on the Great Silk Road.
In the 2019-2020 academic year, until August 20, 2019, foreign students will be admitted to 13 bachelor's degree programs (full-time and part-time) in the following areas:
On a Full -  time basis.
Vocational education (tourism);
Marketing of tourism sphere;
Tourism (by field of activity);
Designing in tourism sphere;
Logistics in tourism activity;
Management of mass events;
Guide and translation activity;
Management (recreation and travel management);
Management (Tourism Business Management);
Management (Hotel Management);
Management (Heritage Management);
Management (International Hospitality and Tourism Management);
Management (Restaurant Business Management).
On a part- time bases
Tourism marketing;
Tourism (according to the direction of activity);
Technology of tourism services and their organization;
Management of mass events;
Guide and translation activity.
MA –by  3 specialties:
Management (Tourism, Hotel and Mass Events Management),
Management (international hospitality and tourism),
Economy and management of tourism
The University accepts foreign applicants on the basis of an interview.