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Head of Department: Nurov Feruz
  • Reception time: Monday, Saturday 1400 - 1700 hours
  • Telefon: (93) 355-10-10
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Functional duties of the educational and methodical department
     The educational and methodical department organizes the learning process in accordance with the established procedure on the basis of the approved state standard, curriculum and work program in subjects, on the basis of allocated hours for each subject is the schedule and ensures its implementation by all faculties and departments of the university
     Combines the activities of the faculty, department and other departments.
     On a regular basis,  improves and increases the effectiveness of the state standard, curriculum and programs in the areas of undergraduate and graduate specialties in accordance with the modern requirements and experience of foreign countries. It also controls the implementation of legal documents in the educational process, determines their shortcomings, and provides relevant recommendations and suggestions.
     Together with the departments, faculties, monitoring of the performance and rating of students is carried out.
     Studies the experience of using modern information and communication technologies used abroad and in our country, and their introduction into the educational process.
     Conducts control over the topics of term papers, dissertations and master's theses to be devoted to in-depth economic transformations, democratization of society, development of small business and entrepreneurship, problems of activity in the field of tourism, improving the efficiency of travel companies, solving urgent problems of developing strategies
     Together with faculties and departments, it draws up curriculum work plans, work programs and curricula for subjects, the availability of teaching aids and methodological documentation on subjects, provides for review and approval at the educational and methodological council of the university.
     Supervises the provision of students with teaching aids and other methodological literature.
     Studies the staffing and plans the distribution of the teaching load of the university faculty.
     During the educational process monitors the implementation of a certain amount of educational, methodical, research, organizational and methodological work on the part of the faculty, heads of the department, deans of the faculty, presents to the academic council of the university
     The departments monitor the implementation of the planned study load and prepare the documents of teachers on a clock basis.
     Examines the reports of teachers on the performance of the annual load, accepts reports and summarizes the annual report of the university.
In order to provide an exchange of experience between professors and teachers on a clock basis, it organizes open classes. it plans all organizational issues on graduate work and the protection of master's theses.
     Prepares the necessary documents for the organization of the State Attestation Commission (SEC) and communicates information to the deans of faculties, departments of the university, monitors the work of the SEC, organizes the timely delivery of reports
     Manages the activities of heads of offices, departments of the university, secretaries of the dean's office, controls the maintenance of documentation and compliance with labor discipline.
     Organizes seminars in order to study and apply modern pedagogical technologies and advanced training in foreign languages.
     Conducts ongoing monitoring of educational and methodological activities of the departments of the university, the deans of the faculty gives recommendations for the improvement of educational and methodical work
     Controls students' personal documents in deans, filling out rating books, and maintaining other documents