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    Head of Department
    Turdibekov Hasan Ibrahimovich

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   The Department of “General Education and Special Disciplines” is a structural subdivision of the International University of Tourism “Silk Road” established on the basis of the presidential decree PP-3815 dated June 28, 2018.
   To date, the department are 10 teachers. Of these, 3 doctors of science, professors, 4 candidates of science, associate professors. In addition, lectures are conducted by visiting professors of tourism from leading educational institutions in Spain and China.
   In compiling the content of special subjects, international best practices and employers 'requirements for the development of students' practical skills are taken into account.
   In all areas of undergraduate education, model curricula have been developed corresponding to the educational process of leading European educational institutions that train specialists in the field of tourism.
Directions of undergraduate education:
5111000 - Professional education (tourism by activity)
5233400 - Tourism Marketing
5611100 - Hotel business
5620500 - Logistics in tourism
5610900 - Designing in the field of tourism
5611000 - Technology and organization of services in the field of tourism
5610300 - Tourism (in the direction of activity)
5611200 - Restaurant business
5611300 - Event Management
subjects taught in the department:
• Basics of tourism and hospitality
• Economic Theory (Economics)
• Geography of tourist destinations
• Tourist resource management and tourist excursion design
• Tourist resource management and tourist and recreational design
• Administration of the administrative service
• Basics of pedagogical activity
International Event Management