Address: 17, University blv. Samarkand сity, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan

Phone: +998(66) 233-5647
Fax: +998(66) 233-6306



Information resource center

    Head of the Center:
   Turaev Hamid Yuldashevich
   Address: 140104, Boulvar st.17, Samarkand, Republic of Uzbekistan
   Phone:       +998 97 397-81-89
 Information resource center operates in the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions and commands of educational management bodies, other normative legal acts, charter of the university, decree of the governance, inside rules of the institute and its own Decree.
     Information resource center gives free opportunity to use fund of the information resources and library to the all layers of population.
     Usage procedure of information resources and library funds, main service list, service conditions, rights and responsibilities of the users is defined in the rules of Information resource center.
  • promotes users to learn regularly and independently by the means of information technologies;
  • propagates national spiritual ethics and provides cultural historical heritage of the nation, gives opportunities to creative growth of modern harmonious person;
  • for the needs of information it is gives separate necessary services for founding all kinds of info from funds by the new technologies of IRC’s searching information system;
  • up brings library information ethics and teaches new methods of searching information for users;
  • improves library resource processes by the means of new technologies and computer equipment;
  • forms library resource fund for educational institution field and for users’ needs for information. Forms information search machine, information bases, catalogue and card file;
  • accomplishes together cultural, educational, information and program, projects and actions; In order to satisfy users’ needs Information resource centers works and develop their cooperation with information-library centers, libraries, educational institutions, self-governance bodies, social services, national-cultural centers;
  • improves the quality of services by enlarging library service list, equipping technically information resource center, computerizing library resource processes.