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Scientific department

   Head of the Department: 

   Abdurakhmonov Farhod Abdufarmonovich

   Phone: +99897 614-33-77


In the university scientific activity is carried out by professors, teachers, doctoral students as well as talented students. Their scientific activity is based on the decisions of the University Academic Council and its enactments. In the implementation process of this is organized by the scientific and scientific-pedagogical training department, which plays an intrinsic role. This department, in order to implement the basic and additional programs of higher education in the highest quality and efficiency, deals with the creation of a potentially professional environment through establishing results of the scientific researches and innovative ideas.
The department carries out the following tasks in accordance with the university charter and the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan:
  • Organization and coordination of research activities in the field of tourism;
  • Creation of effective utilization of scientific potentials of the university scientists in addressing current problems in the tourism system;
  • By involving professor teachers to the scientific researches, promoting the professional competence level of professionals, who are studying in this university.
  • Organizing the establishment of innovative scientific developments in the development of tourism, developed by the university scientific and pedagogical community, by taking into account the educational process and the unique aspects of different regions of the country.
  • providing with methodological and organizational support on the basis of extra-budgetary grants and economic contracts, conducted by professors and teachers to ensure the fulfillment of scientific research work.
  • Organizing seminars, roundtables, international and republican scientific conferences, which can be a significant factor in the improvement of professional skills of university professors and teachers as well as students' aspirations of getting the knowledge   and engaging themselves in academic researches.
  • Ensuring active participation of gifted students, doctoral students and professors in scientific conferences organized in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad.
  • Organizing scientific cooperation and exchange programs with foreign educational institutions and research associations.
  • Mobilizing the scientific potentials of professors and teachers to increase the level of their results to the extent, that they can be converted.
  • organizing the development of the talented students, masters and doctoral students on the basis of innovative and systematic analysis and systematic approach for the preparation of qualified scientific, scientific and pedagogical cadres of the university.