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Scientific council

     The scientific council of “Silk Road” International University of tourism was organized under the chairmanship of the university on the purposes of looking through the important issues dealing with its activities.
     The structure of scientific council of “Silk Road” international university of tourism contains of great scientists and specialists, leaders of regional management of national, secondary specialized and vocational education existing in specific activities and fields
     The scientific council of “Silk Road” international university of tourism carries out its work subsequently with annually approved syllabus for academic year.
     The decision of scientific council of “Silk Road” international university of tourism according to all tasks on education, scientific-methodological scientific-research, spiritual-cultural and organizational activities accepts majority votes, ongoing open vote results.
I. General rules
1.1. The scientific council of university organizes under the chairmanship of rector for inspecting necessary issues dealing with activities council of university.
1.2. The structure of scientific council includes from rector, deputies of rector,   deans of  faculties, directors of independent organizations and sectors including into the structure of the university. The rest of members of scientific council are selected by hidden votes. The quantity of selected members of scientific council from members of the structure of professor-teachers are determined according to the rector’s order. The authorization period is 5years.
1.3. The structure of scientific council is approved by the order of the rector of university. In the beginning of every academic year the structure of scientific council is selected new members.
II. Aims and tasks of scientific council
2.1 the aim of scientific council consist of in the direction of preparing professional specialists having skills, qualifications, knowledge on the level of existing demands of state standards of education provision of doing tasks in laws of Republic of Uzbekistan “On education” and on national programmer preparing specialists”, with the consideration of interests, intellectual potential and other possibilities of university.
2.2. Scientific council of university
- Learners strictly implementation educational plans and programmers relatively with national programme on preparing specialists, as well as on goesrecommendations and tasks of university makes decisions on arranging cooperation with foreign higher educational institutions.
Determines measures on preventing trades and technical safety of students and teachers of university.
- Listens the reports about cooperation with organizations of orders, having demands on specialist’s graduates in the national economy, marketing service, as well as about the results reception of committee on the activation scientific community of the university academic lyceums, scientific implementations of faculties.
- Discuss the questions on enhancing qualifications and preparing professors-teachers structure carrying out the plans of work on spiritual-cultural activities.
- Recommends the work on having practice in abroad in higher educational institutions through the fund “Iste’dot” and others.
- Recommends the candidates in the participation on the contest on the behalf of national scholarships and state scholarship of president the republic of Uzbekistan.
- In conjunction with the Fund "Healthy Generation" develops measures to improve the physical education of students and their health;
- makes decisions on establishing partnerships with foreign educational institutions;
- listens to the reports of the administrator about the activities of small enterprises, firms and courses which is engaged in educational services;
- define measures to improve the safety and labor protection of  students and teachers in the university
III. Organization of implementation of scientific council.
3.1. Scientific council of university carries out its activities relating to annually approved plans of work the plan of scientific council is affirmed by rector of university after having been looked through on the sides of scientific council.
3.2. The decision of scientific council on the questions dealing with educational , methodology, scientific-research, spiritual-cultural activation is accepted byhidden votes on appointed order.
3.4. The decision of scientific council will be empowered after the signature of rector of the university.
3.5. The meeting of scientific council is formalized with special notes. The notes are signed by chair of the scientific council and scientific secretary.
3.6. The chair of scientific council organizes controls on implementation of decisions of scientific council, as well as gives reports in front of members of scientific council about the results of done work.