Address: 17, University blv. Samarkand сity, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan

Phone: +998(66) 233-5647
Fax: +998(66) 233-6306




  The Chief accountant: Nosirov Shukhrat Berdikulovich

     Days of reception: Monday-Saturday at 14:00-16:00

    Phone: +99866 233-56-47

 The accounting of “Silk Road” International University of tourism is subordinated to the university of rector.
The main functions of the department
  • The aim of the department is to show effective activities and creating financial conditions for achieving rating indicators. In addition, in order to increase material and technical basis of the university we should use our budget cleverly.
  • According to the plan of estimated costs agreed with the Tourism Development Agency of the republic of Uzbekistan
  • The Funds received by the university’s payment contract and special accounts, must be spent on the cost of the approved system.
  • To keep the main goods and materials of university and provide to use them rationally  
  • Accounting the main recourses and materials
  • To cash payments in accounting records
  •  To analysis of financial and economic activities, present information to management and give suggestions.
  • To calculate the workers’ salary, students’ scholarships and other preparation of payments
  • Over the calculation of taxes and payments to the state budget and non-budgetary funds
  • Draw up accounting reports and submit them to the relevant government agencies organizations at the specified time.
  • Compliance with established rules in the inventory of material goods, basic tools and money recourses of the university