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2019-06-28 18:42:55 331

On the occasion of Youth Day - June 30, an event was organized under the title “Youth on the Path to a Great Future”.

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    Every year on June 30 Uzbekistan celebrates Youth Day. On the eve of the holiday throughout the week, celebratory, spiritual and educational events, sports competitions and cultural programs are held throughout Uzbekistan.
    June 28, 2019 at the "Silk Road"  International University of Tourism at the initiative of the organization "Union of Youth" held an event dedicated to the Day of Youth on the theme: "Youth on the path to a great future." The best and most active students of the "Silk Road” University were awarded with gifts and diplomas.
    Also, this event was organized in the execution of the five important initiatives of the Head of our state. As it is known, President Uzbekistani S. Shirya Mirziyoyev put forward initiatives to organize the strengthening of young people's interest in music, arts, literature, theater and other forms of art, physical hardening of young people, increasing the spirituality of young people, widespread promotion of reading books, etc.