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Training practice in Rome

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In accordance with the signed memorandum of April 27, 2019 between the "Silk Road" International University of Tourism and the Roman School of Enogastronomy and Hospitality "Tor Carbone", from 9 to 25 July 2019, students of the University "Silk Road", under the leadership of the administration and professorial faculty members have completed training and industrial practice in the city of Rome (Italy).

    The purpose of this trip is to listen to master classes on “Revenue management” (Profitability) from Professor Riccardo Coco, to study and put into practice the features of basic and additional services in Roman hotels. aesthetic functions and interaction of restaurants, the structure and form of the kitchen, the functions, types and forms of the menu, etc. Also, students were able to undergo practical training in such hotels as: Art hotel, Ibis hotel, Cicerone hotel, Empire Palace hotel, etc.
    It is worth noting that Professors Claudio Fattorini and Salvo Cacciolo organized an excursion program on such sights of Rome as the Colosseum, Capitol Hill, the Pantheon, the Forum, and also a trip to the seaside town of Anzio was organized, where for students a sightseeing tour was shown. City Hall, a major seaport and a sea food restaurant.

    On the last day of the visit, the school director Christina Tonelli expressed her gratitude to the «Silk Road» University for the opportunity to start cooperation and mutual exchange, which will improve the standards of school efficiency, as well as students and faculty members were awarded certificates of practical training.