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2019-07-31 16:48:36 383

Representative of Sejong University (South Korea) at the “Silk Road” University

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On July 31, 2019, the Deputy Coordinator of the International Relations Office of Sejong University, Otabek Juraev, visited “Silk Road” International University of Tourism on a working visit.
               During the conversation, sustainable systems of international cooperation between the two universities, the development and expansion of a range of joint research, exchange of experience, teachers, researchers, students and other professional staff were discussed. It is worth noting that both parties are interested in a joint double diploma educational program. Sejong University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields, such as social sciences, business administration, tourism, science, and so on.
               It should be noted that Sejong University is a private university located in Seoul, South Korea. The history of Sejong University began in 1940, when the foundation founded the Kyong Son Humanitarian Institute. Sejong University consistently holds high positions in the academic ranking of South Korea. It is one of the most famous and prestigious universities on the planet, one of the top 5% in the world.