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Monday, 19 December 2022 17:03

Sport is the way to success!

On December 12-15 of this year, the University championship competition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held in cooperation with the Sports Club of the "Silk Road" International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage and the department of community work and events with youth.

37 students took part in it, and at the end of the competition, the winners and prize-winners were determined:

1st place - Norbekov Sherbek (3rd stage, the direction of public events);

2nd place - Timur Mustafoev (2nd stage, media direction);

3rd pla

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Sanzhar Jumanazarov, lecturer at the Department of Tourism Management, got the opportunity to conduct scientific research in the field of tourism at Konstanz HTWG in Germany, on the basis of a grant, within the framework of the Eastern Cooperation program of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Servis) project. We believe that S. Jumanazarov will give effective results in increasing the potential of scientific personnel in the field of tourism in our country!

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Vice-Rector for Scientific Research and Innovation of the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Zou Tong Qian, organized a webinar for the professors, teachers doctoral students, independent researchers and students of our university on the topic “How to publish articles in top journals” as well as taking into consideration the quality of the research and improvement of it. During the webinar professor of the School of Hospitality Industry and Business at George Washington University in the United States, Dr Larry Yu presented his speech who has published a series of refereed journal papers in the top tourism and hospitality journals including Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, International Journal of Hospitality Management, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Tourism Geographies, Event Management, Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, Journal of Heritage Tourism, Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research. Webinar participants received answers to their questions they were interested in terms of publishing articles and tutorials in top journals.

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On December 13-15 of this year, within the framework of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 30, 2019 PD-4409 "On measures for the implementation of the project "Integrated development of medium-sized cities" of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development" by employees of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade, was organized a training seminar in which students of our university actively participated, following the results they were awarded with certificates.

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          Vice-rector for Scientific research and Innovation of “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Zou Tong Qian organized a webinar for students of our university in cooperation with China’s Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU). During the webinar, the dean of International Education and relations at ZISU University, Mr Yang Liqian and the coordinator Mr Hu Hang participated with their presentation. During the webinar, students were informed about the application process and requirements for studying at Zhejiang International Studies University, The conditions created by the university for students, offered study programs and the scholarships allocated to students

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In connection with the implementation of the video conference "On measures to improve the efficiency of public service and management reform", within the framework of the program of selection young specialists, representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a meeting with 4th year students of the University.

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Thursday, 15 December 2022 18:08

Work and Travel

Attention students of the International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage "Silk Road"!


We inform you that we start accepting application forms in 5* hotels of Antalya coast (Turkey). The season begins in mid-May to October.


Sports and children's animators ($ 400-500, plus extra)

Waiters (from $ 350 to $ 400, plus tips)

hostesses and reception (from $380 to $500 plus tips)

interpreters (from $500 plus tips)

party-assistants (stage set-up and costume help $400-$500)

Housekeepers, cleaners, kitchen staff (from $ 350-400).

Experience and knowledge of languages is welcome.  

Schedule: 6/1, 8 hour working day.

The employment programme costs $350.

The amount includes: work visa, airfare, shuttle from the airport to the hotel, consultation, visa application form, medical insurance.

Hotel provides you with free meals, accommodation, uniform, health insurance and a return ticket at the end of the season.

If you agree with the terms of the program, you must fill out an application in Russian. Be sure to attach 2-3 full-length photos (photos must be without Photoshop, not selfies). After reviewing your resume, the details are negotiable.

For the detailed information you can approach office 320 and/or advisers.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2022 17:22

The Pink Ball

Psychologists Column

The success of each of us largely depends on our ability to manage our emotions. Relaxation therapy helps us build resilience to unrelenting disappointments and failures, and teaches us how to deal effectively with stress. So...

Close your eyes. Imagine that all your cherished dreams you have placed in a pink balloon. Why pink, you ask? Because the color represents warmth and sincerity. And what else could be closer to our hearts?

Now imagine that you are slowly releasing the balloon into the sky. Observe how it floats high in the clouds, floats on them like a ship and draws the power of the universe to then fulfill them.

Open your eyes. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Look around you - life is so much better than you think! Take the pink ball in your hands, and with it, your dreams, and go towards their fulfillment

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On December 13 of this year, at the "Silk Road" International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage, on the initiative of the Samarkand regional branch of the Center for Spirituality and Wisdom, with the participation of university students, poetess Zuhra Eshonkulova, a member of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan. The roundtable discussion was held under the motto of "Children of the Motherland!".  Zuhra Begim's prose book "The Consequence" (Oqibat) 2014, "Hope's Spring" (Umid bahori) 2007, "Letters written to my love" (Sevgimga bitilgan nomalar) 2009, "Spring's Breath" (Ko'klam nafasi) 2012, "Season of the Heart" (Kongil fasli) 2015, "The world given to the children" (Bolalarga baxshida olam) 2015, "The Homeland turns to my heart" (Yuragimga aylanar vatan) 2016, Young growths of our motherland" (Yurtimiz nihollari) 2017, "What is good in the universe?" (Nima yaxshi dunyoda?) 2019, "Children of Motherland" (Ona yurt farzandlari) 2021 the author of poetry books.

       The roundtable discussion was full of interesting questions and answers. Poetess Zuhra Begim presented to the students who actively participated in the event some of her author's books as souvenirs.

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On December 13 of this year, students of the "Silk Road" International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage under the guidance of tutors Husainova Gavhar and Kayumova Raykhona visited an exhibition of items purchased as part of the campaign "My Contribution to National Heritage", which was held in the Exhibition Hall “The building of Friendship of Peoples and religious tolerance”.

During the excursion, the students got acquainted with the two-thousand-year-old bronze cauldron of the Saks found in Payaryk; bronze mirrors of the II century BC and XIV century AD; with a collection of 180 silver coins of the Karakhanid’s era; with silk carpets, antique jewelry, historical costumes and paintings.

Also, students were lucky enough to personally get acquainted with outstanding artists of Uzbekistan, communicate with tourists and learn a lot of new and informative things.

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