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Everyone sees the world in their own way

The boy lost his shoes at sea. After he went to the shore and wrote on the sand: “The sea is a thief!”.

A little further away a man was fishing and luck smiled at him, he caught a lot of fish. For joy, he wrote on the sand: “Generous Sea”.

The young man drowned in the sea and died. The boy’s mother went to the shore and shouted: “The sea is a killer”.

The old man went to the water’s edge and found in the sea many shells with beautiful pearls. He was delighted with such a find and wrote on the shore: “Blessed Sea”.

And then ... then the raging sea waves erased all the records written on the shore ...

The essence of the parable is that you should not pay attention to what others say. After all, everyone sees the world with their own eyes.

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On June 1 this year, representatives of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, headed by the director of the Research Institute of Turkic Studies, Professor Bulent Bayram, visited the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

During the visit, the guests met with the first vice-rector of the university – prof. J. Eltazarov. The parties discussed further prospects for the development of relations between universities and mutually beneficial exchange in various fields. Professor Bulent Bayram presented unique books from his personal collection to the library fund of the “Silk Road” University.

In turn, the first vice-rector, prof. J. Eltazarov acquainted the guests of honor with the educational and scientific activities of the University for the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of tourism.

For reference: The International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Khoja Ahmed Yasawi was founded on the basis of the Turkestan State University on June 6, 1991. The university has 6 research institutes: turkology, ecology, archeology, natural sciences, medicine and Eurasia. The university publishes 3 scientific and 2 informational journals: the international scientific journal “Bilig” and the scientific journal “Turkology”, as well as “Bulletin of the Universe”, “Aykhaber” and the socio-cognitive journal “Elmaya”.

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On June 1 this year, the delegation of the rectorate of the Indonesian Pedagogical University of Bandung, accompanied by the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Uzbekistan – Mr. E.P. Sunario Cartadinata and Ambassador-Counsellor of the Embassy – Ms. Rofita Jamafar visited the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

During the meeting, Mr. E.P. Sunario Cartadinata donated a collection of scientific literature and teaching aids to the Library fund of the “Silk Road” University. The provided books contain the latest research information on tourism, culture and customs in Indonesia.

During the visit of representatives of the Indonesian Embassy, a discussion was held on the prospects for information exchange in the educational, scientific and academic activities between the “Silk Road” International University and Bandung Pedagogical University.

Also, agreements were reached to establish two-way online access to the libraries of the both universities, which will contribute to the unimpeded obtaining of the necessary information for students and researchers of the universities.

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On May 31 of this year, on the initiative of the Chairman of the Women’s Council of the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage – M. Abbasova, a round table was organized on the topic I am responsible to the family and Motherland among the young men living in the student hostel. The event was attended by the dean of the “Tourism Management” faculty R. Toshniyozova, psychologist D. Turdiyeva, youth leader of the University S. Khaydarov and tutor B. Allamurodov.

The round table, which took the form of a discussion, gave young people the opportunity to express their thoughts and demonstrate how progressive, deep and independent they are in their thinking and reasoning. They answered many questions regarding readiness for family life, duty to the Motherland and family, the role of men in the family, attitudes towards the concepts of marriage, betrayal, fidelity.

M. Abbasova, R. Toshniyozova, S. Khaydarov, based on their life experience, gave the guys valuable advice and recommendations, and also urged them to respect, take care of their families, and be responsible. In turn, psychologist D. Turdieva spoke about the psychological aspects of the concept of responsibility and explained how important it is for a person’s life and personal development.

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