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The International University of Tourism "Silk Road", located in the city of Samarkand, requires highly qualified specialists with PhD diplomas in tourism management, hospitality and service to the position of teachers (academic degree is welcome).

2020-02-05 11:24:23


We are pleased to announce the International Conference to take place in the ancient and beautiful city of Samarkand (Uzbekistan) on 21 and 22 February 2020. The title of the International Conference is “Effective use of the tourism potential of the regions: theory, practice, and prospects”.

2020-01-20 15:27:23


In accordance with the letter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan N9 04-41771 dated 01/08/2020, we inform that a competition has been announced for scholarships and grants within the framework of the Austrian Government's Program for the provision of educational and research grants for 2020-2022.

2020-01-15 15:27:23


Cambridge English Conference for Institutions, partnering centers and teachers

On February 25, 2020 Amirbek Mirzaev a student of the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism took part in a regional conference organized by the training center “Innovative Center” at Cambridge Assessment English.

2020-02-27 13:24:23 110

The students of the “Silk Road” University participated in the “International Union V Conference”

From February 21 up to 23, 2020 the students of the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism took part in the international youth conference "International Union V Conference", which was held in Tashkent.

2020-02-27 12:57:23 54

Activists are always ahead!

On February 21, 2020 at the invitation of «Madaniyat va ma’rifat» TV channel, the student of the «Silk Road» International University of Tourism Abdulaziz Suyarov,

2020-02-27 12:24:23 43

The “Open dialogue” took place with university students

On February 26, 2020 in the assembly hall of the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism an “Open dialogue” took place between students and the university administration

2020-02-24 16:24:23 128

The representative of the Paris Academy of the Bécières National School madame Catherine Aimet at the “Silk Road” University

Competently oriented education as a modern paradigm requires new approaches to the organization of the pedagogical process, and, consequently, the restructuring of the entire system of teacher training, focused on the quick and effective mastery of modern forms and technologies for the development, training and education of students.

2020-02-25 17:13:24 103

Experience - begins with practice

On February 25, 2020, as part of the “Uzbek studies” week, students of the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism visited the “Afrosiab” Museum with the aim of conducting a practical lesson. Museum staff warmly welcomed our students and talked about the life, culture and traditions of the people who inhabited this area in different eras and left their mark in the form of works of art, household items, tools.

2020-02-25 17:04:23 76

The most delicious contest was held at the “Silk Road” University

On February 19 2020 at the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism was really hot. Students of the GHT-219 and KTT-219 groups fought for the title of the best cooks.

2020-02-24 13:25:42 119

Dolzarb muammolar muhokama qilindi

Har bir hududning ijtimoiy-iqtisodiy rivojlanishida samarali parametrlariga ega milliy xo‘jaliklarni yaratish imkonini beruvchi resurslar dastagi mavjudligi hamda mana shu resurslar asosida hududlarni kompleks va mutanosib ijtimoiy-iqtisodiy rivojlantirish yo‘nalishlarini belgilash zamon talabi.

2020-02-21 21:59:23 110

Awarding the best

On February 21, 2020, as part of the International Scientific and Practical Conference, the winners of the competition for the best article among undergraduate and graduate students were awarded.

2020-02-21 21:24:23 151


Students of the «Silk Road» University visited the Historical Costume Theater «El- Merosi»

Students of the «Silk Road» International University of Tourism visited the only theater of historical costumes in “El-Merosi” in Central Asia where they plunged into the world of bright colors and historical images.

2020-02-24 14:24:23 87

“Introducing young people to art and enhancing their reading culture”

Within the framework of five initiatives organized by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. Mirziyoyev to enhance morale and high-grade leisure, students of the «Silk Road» International University of Tourism, led by advisers, carry out the fourth of five important initiatives, which is the systematic organization of work to increase the spirituality of youth, widespread reading books. University students visited the «Kitob olami », where they were introduced to the history, information resources, technical equipment and technology of library maintenance, its functions as an information and sociocultural center.

2020-02-19 15:24:23 135

Today marks the 537th anniversary of the great statesman, poet and writer Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur

The Uzbek people are proud of the masterpieces of an outstanding poet and a brilliant scientist. Poetic collections “Kabul sofa” and “Indian sofa”, memoirs “Baburname” and his other works had a decisive influence on the formation of the Uzbek literary and artistic thought.

2020-02-14 11:50:11 79

Sport is the key to health

In order to implement the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 18, 2018 PD-4063 “On measures to prevent non-communicable diseases,

2020-01-12 15:34:11 161

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