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Should there be parenting master classes at university?

Life is a long way, and we face many difficulties, joys, and worries along the way.  Apart from our knowledge and educational experiences we also need to have special skills that are essential for the future life, so that we can find our own path in life, overcoming the challenges that we face, without giving up on the difficult situations of our lives. As each child grows up and becomes an adult reaching puberty, he or she steps into the entirely new stage of life. The question is whether they are ready for that stage of life or not. Today youth constitute most of the population of Uzbekistan. Every young generation will build their own society by starting their family and every society we create is a whole state.  It is known that the more peaceful and harmonious the families, which are an important part of society, the more the state can develop peacefully and sustainably. In this regard, the strength of the family bonds and the formation and implementation of spiritual aspects in it are essential.  It is because children who are the future of our country are grown up in the families.

  So how strong are the bonds of families today and how about the foundation?  Indeed, who or what plays a crucial role in the formation of the family, what about external influences?  How well do existing families and new small families maintain their status?  Do we evaluate how much influence the Western culture and the Western way of life have on our families?

  This means that every young person who builds a family must have the ability to take responsibility for preparing the family for the problems that will arise in it, as well as the ability to find solutions based on our religious and secular and of course our national values.

  One of the reasons for the growing number of family conflicts in society today is the fact that young people's perceptions of family life are not sufficiently formed.  We know that many young people spend most of their time in the schools where they study.  We think that every university should have master classes to prepare young people for marriage.  You may be wondering, “Why do we need those classes that may take so much time?”  Your question is relevant.

 It would be a good idea to organize family preparation master classes that we offer at our university, because after the daily classes, at least once a week, there should be a place where students can express their inner experiences.  These master classes are not the same boring lectures as you might think, but of course modern psychological trainings, brainstorming exercises. Family preparation master classes should be conducted once a week or every two weeks, depending on demand, in collaboration with a university psychologist. 

  • These trainings prepare young people for family life, teach them the legal and psychological basis of resolving family conflicts;
  • They also strengthen the institution of the family, increase its well-being and peace, study the problems of modern family development, internal family relations, interpersonal relationships, rich cultural and historical heritage and traditional family values;
  • They should include a wide range of skills, such as the study of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and international experience in the field of family and marriage relations. It will be very interesting not only for the students but also for the teachers if the participants prepare a short presentation on the next topic, or a skill, and the university theatre team will come up with exemplary performances depending on the weekly training topic.
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