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Work and Travel

Attention students of the International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage "Silk Road"!


We inform you that we start accepting application forms in 5* hotels of Antalya coast (Turkey). The season begins in mid-May to October.


Sports and children's animators ($ 400-500, plus extra)

Waiters (from $ 350 to $ 400, plus tips)

hostesses and reception (from $380 to $500 plus tips)

interpreters (from $500 plus tips)

party-assistants (stage set-up and costume help $400-$500)

Housekeepers, cleaners, kitchen staff (from $ 350-400).

Experience and knowledge of languages is welcome.  

Schedule: 6/1, 8 hour working day.

The employment programme costs $350.

The amount includes: work visa, airfare, shuttle from the airport to the hotel, consultation, visa application form, medical insurance.

Hotel provides you with free meals, accommodation, uniform, health insurance and a return ticket at the end of the season.

If you agree with the terms of the program, you must fill out an application in Russian. Be sure to attach 2-3 full-length photos (photos must be without Photoshop, not selfies). After reviewing your resume, the details are negotiable.

For the detailed information you can approach office 320 and/or advisers.

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