Reminder to applicants

The applicant must register the relevant documents in the prescribed manner and verify that the information in accordance with the registered documents is correctly entered into the entrants' database. Upon expiration of the registration process, applications (complaints) of the applicant will not be taken into account and the entries will not be changed.

Within two weeks after completing the registration deadline, the applicant receives a permit from the official website of the State Testing Center. He will participate in the test, at the time, date and building specified in the permission.

Tests are conducted in accordance with the curriculum of general secondary and secondary special education. To complete the test tasks (along with replenishment of the answer sheet) will be assigned one hour for each 30 test tasks. Each test task will be given with alternate answers.

The entrant must arrive at the building on the day of testing, with only his / her passport until 07:00 (second shift at 14:00).

The applicant is inspected by means of identification of the person (video equipment and fingerprints), which are entered into the building on a regular basis after identification.

In case of unsubstantiated (incompatible with the applicants' information) the applicant, together with an officer in charge of the internal affairs, who is responsible for the registration, shall issue a certificate of exemption from the test and shall not entrust the applicant.

Entrants who enter the building will be required to do the following work from 07:45 to 08:00 in the first shift at the second shift from 14:45 to 15:00 in the first shift:

to report to the team supervisor immediately if the test book record is discovered and missing;

Write the test book title in the appropriate section of the answer sheet with the last name, first name and patronymic name, and paint the appropriate circles;

ensure that the correct answer sheet, which is the main document determining the level of knowledge;

Writing and signing the name of the test book on the cover sheet and the surname, name, patronymic of the place of residence on the answer sheet. The applicant is personally responsible for performing the following tests is calculated:

  • answer sheet, reply to the marker line, answers
  • not to include a pen in the test labels number and other parts, except for the marking of the responses;
  • filling the answers with a colored ballpoint pen in the response sheet during the set time;
  • hand over to the group supervisor of the test book and his answer sheet after the deadline.

The correct answer in the answer sheet will be one of the digital circles (the answers on the answer sheet can not be changed). If you do not follow the "pattern for tagging" option on the answer sheet, the test task will not be awarded if you have two or more circles on the answer sheet for a test task, or dyed completely, or painted in any one.

Entrants are not allowed to exit the group during the test run, and applicants are not re-tested.

Exceptionally, with the exception of the exit of the group under the supervision of the group inspector without the test materials due to the deterioration of his health. Entrants leaving the group will not be given extra time.

The following are enough for the exclusion of the applicant from testing and the exclusion of the test results:

  • plastic, card, bag, clock, dictionary, table, book, pens, sun glasses, pencil, pen, calculator, lid, key, various types of communication equipment, computers, telecommunications equipment, jewelry and the like (hereinafter referred to as forbidden), if they attempted to bring it into the area or to the premises where the tests were carried out, or used during testing;
  • if the test material extends or helps other applicants;
  • talk to each other during testing;
  • a test book, if the test material is out of the building
  • tear a page from test book;
  • refuses to apply test materials when the test time is over

The applicant has to provide an English proficiency certificate (IELTS/TOEFL/CEFR), according to the following criteria:

  • IELTS not less than 5,5 points
  • TOEFL IBT not less than 72 points
  • CEFR not less than the level B2


 If you have any questions, you can contact the admissions board:

+ 998 66 240 67 70
+ 998 66 240 67 86
+ 998 66 240 86 06
+ 998 66 240 86 16
+ 998 99 112 79 79 (for whatsApp,Telegram,Viber)

Address of the Admissions Board:
“Silk Road” International University 17, University Boulevard, Samarkand. First floor, room №104

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