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Association of University Clubs and Clubs of "Silk Road" International University of Tourism.

The Association operates under the direct supervision of "Silk Road" International University of Tourism. It has the right to cooperate with other organizations in its activities.

Clubs and clubs organized at the University are members of the Association. In addition, departments and organizations of the university that work directly with students are entitled to join the association on a voluntary basis

Aims and objectives

  1. The Association studies the need for clubs and clubs aimed at providing substantial leisure activities for university students and assists in organizing the activities of clubs that are necessary in the current academic year.
  2. The Association coordinates, supports and promotes the activities of the clubs and clubs operating in the university.
  3. The Association studies the proposals of initiative students and duly informs the responsible managers about them. It develops mechanisms to support students' social and scientific initiatives.
  4. The Association sets goals and objectives to support students' interests.

Association members

  1. Clubs and clubs established at the university on the initiative of students are directly accepted as members of the association.
  2. To become a member of the Association, an applicant must establish a target club and fill out a questionnaire on the following questions:

- the name of the club and the logo;

- the purpose of the club;

- organizational structure of the club, number of members and admission procedure;

- mechanism of work of the club;

- the work plan for at least one school year;

- development strategy;

- How will the association support the club or club?

- contact information for the candidate.

  1. The decision on admission or non-admission to the Association should be considered by the Council of the Association within 5 days after the application to the President of the Association, and a recommendation to the university management should be given. The final decision will be announced within 15 days.
  2. A member of the Association can also be a direct member of the Board, enjoying equal privileges, and must function fully.
  3. After joining the Association the club, in case of non-fulfillment of the tasks specified in their charter and program, for the first time the leaders will be warned, in repeated violation the head of the club will be dismissed from his position. In case if the club does not meet the needs of students or the actions are not considered effective, on the recommendation of the board of the association, by decision of the board of the university the activity of the club is terminated.
  4. The association may not claim any material benefit from its members.

Coordination of the association's activities

  1. The Association has the right to monitor, promote and encourage the activities of the clubs within the framework of its activities and to make recommendations for the benefit of its members and clubs.
  2. The association's board holds a general meeting every week to hear reports and to clarify plans.
  3. The President of the Association is personally responsible for coordinating the activities of the clubs.
  4. The Association may also perform other tasks as defined by the University administration in accordance with its Charter.

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