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Activities of the department of commercialization of scientific and innovative developments

The division of commercialization of scientific and innovative developments of the University was created according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from May 7, 2018 PP-3698 "About additional measures on improvement of mechanisms of introduction of innovations in branch and sphere of economy" and is a structural division of the International University of Tourism "Silk Road".

The main tasks of the management

Activity of the department of commercialization is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders and normative acts of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, other public authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, international agreements of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of intellectual property protection, the Charter, orders and instructions of the Rector of the International University of Tourism "Silk Road".

Principal management functions

The aim of the department is to ensure the commercialization of scientific and innovative developments, as well as the results of research activities, rights to which are owned by the "Silk Road" International University of Tourism.

The major directions of activity of the commercialization department are:

  • Systematic market analysis and study of demand for innovative products (works, services), evaluation of payback period, profitability and risks associated with the implementation of commercialization of innovative products;
  • selection of promising "StartUps" for the development of projects with high business potential and ready for realization;
  • attraction of investors, partners and other interested persons.
  • to implement innovative projects;
  • cooperation with industrial enterprises for the purpose of implementation of new technologies and production of innovative products.

The Commercialization Department has the following functions:

  • attraction in the established order of professor-teaching, educational auxiliary and production staff of higher education institution, doctorate candidates, students, as well as specialists of foreign organizations to carry out research works financed from budget and non-budgetary sources, and services provided by the university to customers;
  • performs work on legal protection of intellectual property objects of higher educational institution, including preparation, execution and filing of applications for patenting and registration of intellectual property objects in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad;
  • prepares and ensures the conclusion of agreements with the authors of IP objects provided for by the current legislation and exercises control over their implementation;
  • researches together with other subdivisions the possibilities of transfer of intellectual property rights to the objects of intellectual property of a higher educational institution. performs work on registration of transfer of the intellectual property rights to the objects of intellectual property of a higher educational institution;
  • collects, stores information and keeps a database on higher education institution's developments and R&D results, monitors the promotion and efficiency of intellectual activity results;
  • organizes evaluation, analysis and examination of scientific and technical, scientific and methodological and innovation potentials, results of R&D and innovation projects, identification of the most significant and competitive developments;
  • elaborates recommendations on intellectual property management, including registration, allocation and transfer of rights to R&D results at all stages of the innovation cycle;
  • provides consulting services in the field of technology transfer, preparation of business plans for innovation projects, assessment of competitive advantages and risks, legal protection of R&D outcomes and search for potential investors;
  • prepares and monitors sections of agreements on performance of research and development work, contracts, joint operations, international scientific and technical cooperation and other agreements concluded by a higher education institution relating to issues of intellectual property;
  • reveals the facts of illegal use of intellectual property objects of the higher education institution and makes proposals to the management on measures aimed at suppression of the mentioned violations and compensation of the caused damage, takes the necessary actions to suppress these violations;
  • promotes protection of property rights of higher educational institution on objects of intellectual property, and also protection of property and personal non-property rights of their authors.
  • organizes training in the field of intellectual property among the university staff;
  • coordinates the work of information and resource center of higher education institution on regulatory, methodological and patent information on the profile of its activities;
  • prepares offers in the project budget of the university on sections of inventive and patent-licensing activity, support of innovative entrepreneurship and technology transfer;
  • develops the documents of the University, regulating the issues, connected with creation, protection and use of intellectual property objects.


Samarkand city, Republic of Uzbekistan, 140104, 17, University boulevard.

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