Department of Languages

Head of Department: Sultanov tulkin 

Phone: 1045, (66) 240-67-72

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Teachers of the department

The department is a structural unit of the university.

The main goal of the Department's activity, since its establishment, has been and still is to provide language training and communication skills of students in all directions:

  • Management (by industries and sectors)
  • Organization and management of hotel business
  • Museum studies (by types)
  • Guiding and interpreting activities (English language)
  • Archaeology
  • Preservation of objects of cultural heritage
  • Logistics (for tourism)
  • Tourism (by areas of activity)

The mission of the department is to prepare a competitive specialist with the skills and abilities of practical knowledge of spoken and everyday speech and the language of the specialty in professional communication, able to carry out continuous self-education and improve their skills during their lives due to the knowledge of foreign languages.

The main tasks:

Academic. The following disciplines are studied in the department: English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Turkish and English in tourism. An important educational task is the need to teach students languages in various areas of tourism, and to turn the department into an Interdepartmental Scientific Union, working with maximum intensity and being, along with other departments, a kind of educational programs of the university in the field of foreign languages. As well as, development and introduction of modern educational technologies, improvement of teaching methods content. Innovative methods of teaching Chinese language have been introduced in the department.

Scientific. Scientific activity occupies an important place in the life of the department. The lecturers of the department take an active part in scientific conferences dedicated to preparation for professional foreign language communication and various topical issues of modern linguistics. The teaching staff has published a number of international and national articles. Candidates of Philological Sciences and senior lecturers, who are active in scientific activities, work in the department.

The principles of development of the department:

  • Conducting scientific conferences, involving graduates in scientific and educational and methodical work of the department;
  • improving the efficiency of teaching foreign languages through the use of active and interactive teaching methods, the introduction of new technologies and the use of technical means of teaching;
  • improvement of the methodic and linguistic qualification of the teachers;
  • training competitive specialists with good competence in foreign languages in tourism;
  • development of competitive advantages of the department (strengthening the existing ones and creating new competitive advantages).

Functions of the Department

  • Improving the efficiency of foreign language teaching through the use of interactive teaching methods, the introduction of technical means and new technologies;
  • Systematic deepening of communicative competence within the framework of international standards of foreign language education based on further development of skills and abilities of active language knowledge in professional activity, future specialist;
  • conducting research in the field of philology and language teaching methods;
  • publication of research results in scientific journals, publications in SCOPUS journals;
  • Increasing the intellectual potential and continuous professional development of the Department's teachers.

Today, the teaching staff of the Department consists of 30 teachers, including candidates of philological sciences and senior lecturers, one teacher from Turkey Dr. Merem Karlik. Teachers of English and French have been trained in France, Russia and England (London, Cambridge, Oxford) They are regular participants of regional and international scientific conferences. Besides pedagogical work, the teachers of the department carry out translation activity, which is very important both for professional development and for improvement of professional orientation of the educational process.

Gifted students of the chair take an active part in international seminars, as translators. Our students are involved in the volunteer movement and make a significant contribution to the organization of international events. The students of the department took courses "Online English Tools" under the program "Creative Spark" and received certificates.

The faculty of the department has published a number of international and national articles. Over the last year, more than 30 scientific articles have been published, of which:

  • 7 in collections indexed by the RINC base;
  • 4 in the EAC publications
  • 19 in international collections.


Samarkand city, Republic of Uzbekistan, 140104, 17, University boulevard.

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