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Office-Registrar is an academic service that registers all student achievement stories and ensures that all types of knowledge control and academic rankings are organized. Office-registrar for the organization of the educational process of the university by the credit system of education and quality control of students' knowledge provides operative management of the process of registration, formation and storage of academic records.

The purpose of the office-registrar is to ensure the reliability, efficiency and responsibility of a high level in the organization, conduct and management of the undergraduate and graduate education process. Within the framework of the goals and objectives of the office-registrar creates academic flows and groups on the basis of registration; provides information to the educational-methodical management and departments to draw up a schedule of classes and calculate the teaching load; during the preparation of statistical reports and reports of examination provides timely information on all activities;

Office of the Registrar is the organizer of monitoring the educational process of the University in the conditions of the credit system of education, whose activities are determined by the following tasks:

Improvement of the process of registration and accounting of educational achievements.

These goals and objectives are achieved through:

  • Updating the database in order to obtain accurate and timely data to support students in all areas of training;
  • Improving the quality of statistical reporting;

Functions of the office registrar:

  • Preparing responses to a variety of internal and external enquiries about the trainee population;
  • Preparation and approval of students' movement orders;
  • Preparation and carrying out the transfer of graduates' personal files to the departmental archive of the university;
  • Monitoring of students' progress;
  • Drawing up the schedule of training sessions and examination session for bachelor and master students;
  • Provision of information on occupancy of classrooms, distribution of classroom fund for training sessions, exams, office hours and advisor hours;
  • Continuous participation in the development and analysis of academic regulations and procedures;

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