Greetings from the rector

Dear friends!

Our gifted and talented youth are the creators of a bright and great future of our country!

Now you are experiencing the best and the most important stage of your life. Studentship is a time of daily discoveries, acquiring new knowledge, professional formation, strengthening of life positions. In addition to studying, you will find a lot of interesting events that allow you to prove yourself in the social, scientific and cultural life of the university.

Today, the world is rapidly moving forward and covered by the process of globalization, and therefore, all the attention of the world community is focused on young people, our Government is creating a strong and fair system of education and upbringing, which requires, first of all, uniting around a common goal and idea, a sense of duty and responsibility, the main role in which is given to creative, gifted and talented youth.

All conditions are being created in the country so that you could get qualitative education and a decent profession. All the doors are open before you. The world is changing, times are changing, world-class education is becoming more and more accessible.

Despite the fact that  "Silk Road" International University of Tourism was founded only last year, today it is already one of the most famous and prestigious higher education institutions and the very first university in the tourism sphere in our country.

We are proud of the level of teaching at our university, which has no analogues in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries, especially since 30 percent of all teaching staff of the university are teachers of leading foreign higher educational institutions.

Our university employs experienced highly qualified lecturers and editors. The best specialists share their vast knowledge with our students.

We are also proud that our university provides students with the opportunity to study at leading foreign universities, improve their knowledge, skills, qualifications and gain experience.

A special flavour of our university is the fact that it is located in the cult city of Central Asia - Samarkand, which once occupied the same position in the scientific world as Oxford in the UK, known as the center of scientific thought of the East, with its own achievements and traditions.

You made the right choice by becoming a student of  "Silk Road" International University of Tourism, because Oxford education is much closer than you think. Do not rest on your laurels, always go forward to your goals, dreams, take the high bar. The future of our Homeland, happiness, prosperity of hardworking people are in your hands.

Thank you for your attention!

Rector of the University – Abdukhakimov Aziz Abdukaharovich

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