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Grant competition for UNESCO projects

According to the information of the National Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan on UNESCO affairs, within the framework of the 2005 UNESCO Convention "On the Protection and Support of Various Forms of Cultural Expressions", Cultural Diversity The grant competition for projects developed in the fields of performing arts, music, film/audiovisual arts, publishing, design and media arts of the International Foundation has been announced.

For information: the funds of the fund are mainly for the implementation or development of policies and strategies that have a direct impact on the creation, production, distribution, and use of various cultural products services; representatives of the public sector and civil society organizations are allocated to strengthen their knowledge and skills to support local, regional cultural industries and markets in developing countries. All submitted projects must contribute to a sustainable creative ecosystem and the United Nations Sustainable Development Priorities by 2030. Projects should be submitted by state and non-state organizations and should be implemented within 1-2 years. The budget of the submitted project should not exceed 100,000 US dollars.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is requested to submit suitable projects related to the field in order to receive financial support from this fund by May 16 of this year in English or French through the following web page /apply.

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