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On April 5 of this year, students of  Samarkand academic lyceum Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage. During the visit, the lyceum students were interviewed and closely acquainted with the scientific and pedagogical activities of the university, the form and types of education, as well as with the internal structure of the university and the composition of departments.

At the end of the interview, S.Haydarov answered questions of interest to sudents.

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On April 5, 2023, Hiroki Furusho held a seminar on topic “Archeology of Xuanzang and Central Asia” for students of the Faculty of Archeology at “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

The purpose of this event was to increase students' knowledge in the field of archaeology. And also, familiarization of the seminar participants with the state of archaeological research in Central Asia in accordance with its description in the records of the Great Tang Dynasty about the Western regions.

The seminar was held in an active discussion form, the participants of the event received detailed answers to their questions, and also noted the usefulness and practicality of the information received.

At the end, all participants of the seminar noted that such training events are quite effective and allow improving the quality of education.

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Competitions of table tennis were held among university students. Famous countries in the world such as the United States, China, Japan, Germany, Brazil are familiar to all of us precisely with their superiority in a certain type of sport. We know that now, even in our country, a huge number of sports have developed, our athletes occupy high positions in world arenas, making our country famous to the whole world.

Thanks to this, a wide range of work and conditions are being created in our country for the development of sports and its bright future. Not only in our country, but also in our rniversitet, “a competition of table tennis” was held among students in order to increase the interest of students in sports, to effectively organize student leisure.

According to the results of the competition the winning students were awarded.

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On April 5, 2023, an information and propaganda event took place at “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage in anticipation of the referendum on the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which will be held on April 30.  The event, which began under the anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was attended by professors and teachers of the university, students and spiritual figures of secondary schools of Samarkand.

The first vice-rector of the university J.Eltazarov opened the event and spoke about  vital importance of the renewed Constitution, defining Uzbekistan as a social state, and called on everyone to actively participate in upcoming referendum on April 30.

N. Sadinova, the head of the Samarkand city branch of the Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment, spoke about the important role of youth in the new Constitution in order to have their place in the future life.

At the end of the event, the speakers answered the questions of participants of the event.

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On March 25 and April 1, 2023, the teaching staff of the Department of “History and Cultural Heritage” of the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage visited to Samarkand and Shakhrisabz Technical Schools of Tourism and Cultural Heritage. The purpose of the visit of the teachers of the department is to familiarize themselves with the educational process of these technical schools, drawing up cooperation plans and providing educational and methodological assistance. In addition, the parties agreed to conduct regular analytical work and expressed their intention to cooperate closely in all areas to train highly qualified specialists with the administration of these technical schools.

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Monitoring procedures will be conducted on April 6 of this year to assess the results of the annual scientific activities of independent researchers (PhD, DSc) of the “Silk road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage who were admitted for the second quarter of the academic year (2021-2024, 2022-2025) as independent researchers (PhD, DSc) to higher education institutions.

Monitoring procedures will be conducted in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 22, 2017, numbered under №304 “On measure to further improve the post-higher education system”

The monitoring processes will be conducted and chaired by the First Vice-rector of the university DSc professor Eltazarov Jo‘liboy Danaboyevich

Time: April 6, 2023, at 2:30 p.m

Venue: University building, room 119.

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On April of this year, students of Tour-121 and Tour-221 of “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage visited the “Continental Hotel” as part of a practical training session under the guidance of Charos Makhmadieva. During the visit, the students got acquainted with the work activities of the hotel, its internal structure and the composition of the departments. The students were provided with detailed information that educational practice is an integral part of the educational process, in accordance with the established rules should be obeyed, as well as about the effective features of practice. Ch.Makhmadieva in her speech stressed the need for students to comply with the rules of paperwork required in educational practice, the order of paperwork directly in the process of practice, the culture of clothing students, road safety. At the end of the visit, the hotel staff answered the students' questions.

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Monday, 03 April 2023 15:49

Festival of Intercultural Dialogue!

On March 31 of this year, “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage together with the teacher of intercultural communication Odil Boynazarov and 1st  year students held the event “Festival of Intercultural Communication".  At the festival event, 1st year students demonstrated the territorial differences of the culture of Uzbekistan in melodies, songs, and national customs. The level of development of our people is assessed primarily by national culture. In this sense, culture is the image of our people, society. As we begin to create a new image of Uzbekistan, we must begin with the development of our national culture.

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Monday, 03 April 2023 15:43

Cooperation with the school!

On March 31 of this year, students of the specialized school of Akdarya district visited “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage. During the visit, the students got acquainted with the scientific and pedagogical activities of the university, forms and types of education, as well as with the internal structure of the university and the composition of departments.

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Check out the list of books:


1. Saodat asri qissalari (Axmad Lutfiy Qozonchi) 

2. Ruhiy tarbiya (SHayx Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf)

3. Hazrat Umar (Ahmad Lutfiy Qozonchi)

4. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (Ahmad Lutfiy Qozonchi)

5.Ihyou Ulumid din (Abu Homid G‘azzoliy)

6. Imom Buxoriy Imom Muslim (Muhammad Fuod Abdulboqiy)

7. Tazkirat Ul-Avliyo (Fariduddin Attor)

8. Ey Farzand (Imom G'azzoliy) 

9. Qalblar kashfiyoti (Abu Homid G‘azzoliy)

10. Rasululloh sollallohu alayhi vassallamning ahli ayollari

11. Musulmon ayolning vazifalari (Baxtiyor oila)

12. Musulmon erning vazifalari (Baxtiyor oila)

13. Badoeus sanoe (Alouddin Mansur)

14. Umring eldek o‘taro ( Xoja Ahmad Yassaviy)

15. Turkiston qayg‘usi (Alixonto‘ra Sog‘uniy)

16. Boburnoma (Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur)

17. Odamiylik Mulki (Tohir Malik)

18. Siz qanday yashamoqchisiz (Muhammad Tursun)

19. Ijtimoiy odoblar (SHayx Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf)

20. Nafs Nimadir (Muhammad Zohid Qutqu)


21. Temur Tuzuklari

22. Mahzun bo‘lma (Shayx Oiz al-Qarniy)

23. ALLOHNING borligiga aqliy dalillar (Shayx Muhammad Mutavalli SHaroviy)

24. Men ham tafakkur qilaman (Akmal Miravaz o‘g‘li)

25. Qur'on axloqiga ko'ra Mo‘minning 24 soati 

26. Ulamolar nazdida vaqtning qadri (Abdul Fattoh Abu G‘udda) 

27. Ilm olish sirlari (Imom Zarnujiy)

28. Yetti majlis (Jaloliddin Rumiy)

29. Ichindagi ichindadur (Jaloliddin Rumiy)

30. Odob va Odoblilar (Ubaydullo Uvatov)

31. Qalb ko'zingni och (Jaloliddin Rumiy) 

32. Mening Hayotim (Henry Ford)

33. Stick Jobs (Walter Ayzekson)

34. Men Kim Sohibqiron Jahongir Temur (Marsel Brion)

35. Mukammal xotira (Shoxrux Rahmonov) 

36. O'zni shakllantirish Ni Si (Jen Sinsero)

37. Baxt ulashing (Hasan Shamsiy)

38. Anbiyolar qissasi (Shayx Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf)

39. Bahouddin Naqshband (To'lqin Hayit)

40. Sohilsiz dengiz (Ahmad Muhammad Tursun) 


41. Imomning maneken qizi (Omina Shenlikug'li) 

42. Baxt qasri (Zuxrahon Hamdomova)

43. Bir vijdon uyg'onur (Ahmad Lutfiy Qozonchi) 

44. Oq Nilufarlar yurtida (Grigoriy Petrov)

45. Olim, odam va olam (Mubashshir Ahmad) 

46. Ota (Ulug'bek Hamdam)

47. Siyosatnoma (Nizomulmulk) 

48. Yolg'on (Shayx Muhammad Sodiq Muhammad Yusuf)

49. Halol luqma (Rauf Jillasun) 

50. Abdulhamidxon (Talha Ugurluel)

51. Hukmdor (Nikkolo Makiavelli) 

52. Ahmad Lutfiy Qozonchi eng asarlari 

53.Qo'rqma (Javlon Jovliyev)

54.Saylanma (Tog'ay Murod )

55. Dunyoning ishlari (O'tkir Hoshimov)

56. Roben Sharma eng Sara asarlari

57. Ikki eshik orasi (O'tkir Hoshimov) 

58. Savdogarlar ustozi yoxud haqiqiy omad kaliti (Ahadquli Xolmuhammad o'g'li)

59. O'tkan kunlar (Abdulla Qodiriy) 

60. Kafansiz Ko'milganlar(Shukrullo) 


61. Daftar hoshiyasidagi bitiklar (O'tkir Hoshimov)

62. Biz g'alaba qozanamiz (Shuxrat Sattorov) 

63. Bodo Shefer eng Sara asarlari

64. Vavilonlik eng boy odam (Jorj Samyuel Kleyson) 

65. Boy ota, Kambag'al ôta (Robert T. Kiyosaki)

66. Omma Psixologiyasi (Gustav Lebon) 

67. Molxona (Jorj Orell)

68. Kichkina Shahzoda (Antuan de Sent-Ekzyuperi) 

69. Alkimyogar (Paulo Koelo)

70. 1984 (Jorj Orell)

71. Iskanja (Omina Shenlikug'li) 

72. Cho'qintirgan ôta (Mario Pyuzo)

73. Halqa (Akrom Malik) 

74. Graf Monte Cristo (2ta kitob) (Aleksandr Dyuma)

75. Tirilish (Lev Tolstoy)

76. Alif (Paulo Koelo)

77. Artur Konan Doyl eng Sara asarlari 

78. 0 Dan boshlangan biznes (Erik Ris)

79. SOS. savol ortidagi savol (Jon G.Miller)

80. Zukkolar va landavurlar (Malkolm Gladuell) 


81.Diqqat (Kel Nyuport) 

82. Rework. Prinsiplarsiz biznes (Djeyson Frayd, David Xaynemayer Hensson)

83. Men va pul (Saidmurod Davlatov) 

84. Woll-Stritlik bo'ri uslubi (Jordan Belfort)

85. Yuqumlilik (Yona Berger) 

86. Zero to one (Piter Till, Bleyk Masters) 

87. Alibaba. Jek Ma bunyod etgan maskan (Dunkan Klark) 

88. Ilon Mask (Eshli Vens)

89. Qani boshladik (Richard Branson) 

90. Uchdan keyin kech (Masaru Ibuka) 

91. Uchgacha ayni vaqti (Masaru Ibuka) 

92. Millioner singari fikrlashni o'rganing (Mark Fisher, Mark Allen)

93. Samaradorlikning 21 yo'li (Brayan Treysi)

94. Muvaffaqiyatli insonlarning 7 ko'nikmasi (Stiven R. Kovi) 

95. Liderlik qonunlari (Teodor Ruzvelt) 

96. Million dollarlik xatolar (Pavel Annenkov)

97. Ahmoqlik qilmang (Jen Sinsero)

98. Zamonaviy marketing (Filipp Kotler)

99. Moviy ummon strategiyasi (V. Chan Kim, Rene Moborn)

100. Liderlar kitobi (Otabek Hasanov)

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