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Acceptance of articles for the journal “The Journal of Silk Road Tourism Studies” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage continues until May 10 of this year.

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On 13 April this year, a practical trip to Khiva was organised by “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage to introduce students and young people to Uzbekistan’s rich tourism potential.

During the trip, the young students learned about the cultural and historical heritage of Khiva and its natural resources.

Public tourist trips organised by the university, together with the development of domestic tourism in our country, serve to further improve teamwork and ensure the cohesion and unity of the university’s student body.

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While urbanisation is gaining momentum, cities are expanding, populations are growing and millions of commodities are being produced to meet their needs, waste management and disposal remains one of the biggest environmental challenges.

Climate change in the waste sector, loss of biodiversity leads to pollution in the ham industry.

In this regard, “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage has set up an "eco-sample corner". In this corner, an 18-shaped table shows how long the atmosphere and hazardous waste will live.

An introductory, hands-on workshop and explanation of "eco-sample corner" are held for young students. Initiatives in this direction will help to dispose of waste correctly, minimise its formation and prevent an environmental crisis and improve people's health and well-being.

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On the initiative of the Chairman of the Women's Council of the "Silk Road" International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage M.Abbasova in cooperation with the university doctor S.Tosheva was organized a medical examination of women working at the university.

The participation of a neurologist, cardiologist, obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon, ophthalmologist in a medical examination, conducting examinations using an ultrasound machine helped to identify changes in health status, as well as hidden diseases. Accurate diagnoses were made for the identified diseases. During the inspection, about 85 employees got a medical examination. All the necessary procedures were prescribed to those who need medical care.

The Administration, as well as the chairman of the Women's Council of the “Silk Road” University M.Abbasova expresses gratitude to the doctors of the Samarkand City Polyclinic No.2 D.A.Rasulov (neurologist), M.O.Hamdamov (ENT), N.S.Davidov (gynecologist), B.A.Baykabaev (ophthalmologist), N.P.Rabbimov (surgeon), as well as the nurses of Z.A.Salimova, O.M.Bekmukhamedova Sh.Murtazayeva, M.Kudratova, N.Kholikova, Y.S.Fayzullayeva, who examined and gave appointments for further treatment.

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As part of the ongoing “Referendum 2023 - My Constitution, Yours, Yours, Ours”, political advocacy and agitation work is being carried out. In the course of this work, classes are held in various institutions of higher education in order to increase the political activism of our people and their attention to our Constitution.

Among others, on 13 April this year, Dildora Husanova, the 1st year student supervisor, organised a practical seminar event in Registan Square with the students of her attached group.

Influenced by the positive changes taking place in our homeland, this seminar talked about the contribution of youth to our constitution, the sacred hearth and the role of youth on the road to the prosperity of our country.

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The conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the discussion of the development of science and technology in the Fergana Valley is planned to be held on May 11-12, 2023.

An information letter is attached.

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Thursday, 13 April 2023 13:48

Cooperation with the Lyceum

On April 13 of this year, students of the academic Lyceum of the Samarkand State Institute of foreign languages visited the International University of Tourism and cultural heritage “Silk Road”. During the visit, students became closely acquainted with university life. They also received training rooms, gyms, a library and information on the opportunities created for students to receive quality education.
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 “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage is working closely with Samarkand International Airport. 4th year students majoring in Logistics at the University are undertaking a qualifying internship at Samarkand International Airport.

This qualifying internship serves as an important factor for university students to focus more on what lies ahead and develop their field of expertise to become qualified professionals.

We would like to thank the management of Samarkand International Airport and “Air Marakanda” for allowing our students to have an internship and for their close cooperation!

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Thursday, 13 April 2023 12:14

Grant competition for UNESCO projects

According to the information of the National Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan on UNESCO affairs, within the framework of the 2005 UNESCO Convention "On the Protection and Support of Various Forms of Cultural Expressions", Cultural Diversity The grant competition for projects developed in the fields of performing arts, music, film/audiovisual arts, publishing, design and media arts of the International Foundation has been announced.

For information: the funds of the fund are mainly for the implementation or development of policies and strategies that have a direct impact on the creation, production, distribution, and use of various cultural products services; representatives of the public sector and civil society organizations are allocated to strengthen their knowledge and skills to support local, regional cultural industries and markets in developing countries. All submitted projects must contribute to a sustainable creative ecosystem and the United Nations Sustainable Development Priorities by 2030. Projects should be submitted by state and non-state organizations and should be implemented within 1-2 years. The budget of the submitted project should not exceed 100,000 US dollars.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is requested to submit suitable projects related to the field in order to receive financial support from this fund by May 16 of this year in English or French through the following web page /apply.

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The main goal of the competition is to attract women to science in our republic, to provide comprehensive support and encouragement to new ideas and developments of women engaged in scientific activities in various sectors and fields of science and education and economy. promotion, based on the results of initiative practical and innovative projects, is to create scientific voluminous products and innovative technologies aimed at solving the existing problems, real needs and regional problems of the economic sectors and the social sphere.

Scientific projects submitted to the competition will be accepted only in electronic form until May 5, 2023 through the single intellectual electronic platform of state scientific programs

The members of the project should consist of women, the average age of the scientific team should not exceed 45 years, and the scientific team should include young scientists, talented students and graduate students.

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