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University in the QS ranking: indicators and opportunities

Higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan are gradually increasing their authority in the World scientific and educational space. The main indicators of the success of the university are Global Rankings.

Keeping up with the trends, the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism, in cooperation with the Research Support Center, represented by the founder of the center and adviser to the rector of the university – Aliya Ospanova, undertook the mission of identifying the formal requirements necessary for the inclusion of the university in the QS World University Rankings and implementing the proposed strategy.

So, on January 21, in order to discuss the plans included in the strategy, a training seminar was held in the conference hall of the University. The main topic of discussion was “University in the QS rating: indicators and opportunities”. At the seminar, the main focus was on the fact that ratings are an information source for the consumer about the university.

As you know, the QS World University Ranking is prepared annually by the QS Research Center. According to its authors, the purpose of this rating is to present universities as multilateral organizations and to study the process of their development or formation as world-class universities.

Also, for each scientific branch, universities are evaluated according to four indicators: the opinion of the academic community, the opinion of employers, the citation index per article (as opposed to the citation per teacher as in the global ranking) and the Hirsch index, which evaluates the contribution of the university/scientist to science.

Annual participation in various ratings will provide an opportunity to objectively assess the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the university.

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