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The shelves of the Library of the «Silk Road» University have been replenished with unique books

Speaking about the scientific Library as an important component of the University, comes to mind the famous phrase of B.Wheeler: "Give me a Library, and I will build a University with it." Of course, this idea reveals the priority functions of the University’s Library as a major scientific and cultural center, which has a great responsibility in the modern world. Therefore, the leadership of the country and the University are struggling to collect books from all over the world in the repository of the University Library.

So, during the year, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Rector of the International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage "Silk Road" Aziz Abdukhakimov, replenishes the Library with rare editions of books.

More recently, with his efforts more than 5 thousand new editions were brought from different parts of the world. As the Rector of the University emphasized, the Library plays an extremely important role in the activities of any educational institution, including University.

At the moment, the University has more than 10 thousand publications in such areas as "Tourism Management", "Marketing in Tourism", books on archeology, Museology, Art, World History and History of Uzbekistan, Economics, Gastronomical and Pilgrimage tourism, Linguistics, Culture, Ethnography, Artistic literature, as well as manuals and textbooks in different languages of the world.

Dear students and the entire teaching staff of the “Silk Road” University, our Library is a unique place where you can find books for self-development and for creating a Research base.

Despite the existing difficulties experienced by state Libraries, the Library of the “Silk Road” University, thanks to the active replenishment of new books, as well as the introduction of new information technologies, was able to reach a qualitatively new milestone in its activities.

The official website of the University starts publishing information about the unique books and textbooks of our Library.

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