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Life teachers

? I dont like anyone around me. I feel uncomfortable interacting with them. How can I explain it? Maybe the problem lies in me...

!   No person comes into our life by accident. One will bring you joy, one will bring you pain, one will give you priceless life experience, and one will teach you something new. And no matter what happens in your life, you should thank each of them. For those...

...unforgettable moments of joy or sadness;


...beautiful feelings;

...feeling of excitement;

...smiles and even tears.

    After all, it all made you stronger, smarter, kinder. Haven’t they?

    We are all different. We are who we are and we are not likely to be different. We should be able to say thank you to those who come into our lives. Who is already in it. Becomes a part of it. With the whole heart, or maybe just as always “online” person.

      Thank you for everything to each and every one of you!

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