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Honesty Vaccine. How to get vaccinated?

Honesty Vaccine. How to get vaccinated? PR & Press Department © All Rights Reserved

An open lesson was organized at the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage on the topic “Honesty Vaccine. How to get vaccinated?” with Asatov Oybek Sunnatullayevich, a member of the Qualification Board of Judges of the Samarkand Regional Court. Corruption is one of the evils that threatens the future of every nation and undermines its spiritual roots. Corruption interferes with the foundations of democracy and the rule of law, resulting in violations of human rights.

Where corruption reigns, a problem that worries humanity, hinders the development of society and undermines justice, there is no honesty. For this reason, regular preventive meetings are organized at the University.

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Samarkand city, Republic of Uzbekistan, 140104, 17, University boulevard.

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