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Thursday, 24 November 2022 12:14

Organized by Masters “Exhibition of the Value of Values!”

Values ​​are one of the most important factors that reflect the past, present and future of each nation.

Values ​​are one of the most important factors that reflect the past, present and future of each nation. Scholars condition values ​​into a number of types, such as national, religious, local, regional, and universal. National values ​​are formed based on local and religious values, and universal values ​​are formed based on many national values ​​and continue to improve over the centuries. But even in today's conditions of rapid globalization, any nation that preserves and enriches its national material and spiritual wealth is distinguished from other nations by its own traditions, customs and immortal values.

Naturally, the invaluable values ​​of nations will not appear in just one or two or ten or twenty years. Because it takes many centuries for an important custom, clothing, special "thing" that is deeply rooted in the people's language to become a tradition, especially a value. For years, centuries, a certain view, habit, concept, experiences will become more polished, develop, take their place in the life of the people only if they successfully pass the test of cruel times and several generations.

"Silk Road" International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage was given the task of preparing presentations on cultural values ​​for local and foreign master's students studying cultural heritage by Odilon Boynazarov, a senior teacher of the "Cultural Heritage" department. And, of course, university graduate students took it seriously and organized it in the form of a presentation-exhibition.

Our foreign graduate students organized an exhibition of values ​​that have passed through the ups and downs of time, that have a great spiritual power that call people to peace, kindness, goodness, and harmony.

Our local master's students organized an exhibition of values ​​expressed in the everyday life, culture and spirituality of different nations, in their consciousness, in their mutual cultural communication, in their attitude towards others, in short, in every step they take.

Through this exhibition, our graduate students showed that as a result of different approaches to the socio-historical events occurring in the society, along with the formation of people's outlook, lifestyle, mentality, national values ​​also improve.

At the exhibition, our young people covered the language, customs, history, culture, traditions, all material and spiritual wealth, all aspects of economic, social and political life of each nation. And through this, they once again recognized that values ​​are the spiritual image of nations. Professors and teachers of this department are doing a lot of work to restore and honor the historical memory, ancient customs, traditions, and values ​​of our hardworking people after the independence of our country, and to restore the holy places to their original state. In this process, our teachers pay special attention not only to restoring and developing the language, religion and values ​​of the indigenous people, but also to the development of the unique values ​​of more than a hundred nationalities and peoples living in this country. In the process of education, students are taught that values ​​are the priceless wealth of our people, one of the main factors of the development of our society, nation, and state. Also, unique qualities such as bravery, kindness, hospitality, generosity, mutual respect, brotherhood, generosity, kindness, which form the national image of our people from time immemorial, should be honored, preserved, enriched and developed by adding positive aspects to our students. is taught that it is one of the most important conditions for our happy future.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our graduate students who organized this exhibition at a high level!

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