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Thursday, 19 January 2023 10:45

The rights, dignity and honor of female students are protected!

On January 17 of this year, M. Abbasova, the chairwoman of the Council of Women and Girls of the "Silk Road" International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage, organized a roundtable discussion on the theme of "The rights, dignity and in defense of honor!' with the students living in the student residence. University psychologist D. Turdiyeva took part in the event.

The living conditions of the students and the heat sources in the dormitories were studied. In the course of this study, the representatives of the university explained to female students living in dormitory how to pay attention to their health as a result of the drop in air temperature.

    The topic of the next meeting, which is regularly held among the girls of the university, is “The rights of students under the protection of the state!” was chosen randomly. For during the event, M. Abbasova drew the attention of those present to the Address of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the Supreme Council and the people of Uzbekistan, where the views of the younger generation were heard. The roundtable discussion on this topic allowed our girls to express their thoughts and showed how advanced, deep and independent they are. They asked questions such as "What is our duty to the family?" and answered questions such as "Explain the concepts of betrayal and loyalty", "Are you ready for family life?", "What should be the role of a man in the family?", "Your attitude to the concepts of family and marriage", "Do you know about family conflicts and their types?".

    M. Abbasova, D. Turdiyeva gave valuable advice and recommendations to the girls based on their life experiences. On the other hand, they called to appreciate and protect the so-called family fortress, consider it sacred, and be responsible. Psychologist D. Turdiyeva conducted an excellent motivational training called "Map of Dreams". Interesting games and exercises were enjoyed by everyone at the event held in a positive emotional atmosphere. She also touched on the family and psychologically explained how important it is for human life and personal development.

Also, during the dialogue, individual interviews were conducted with female students. The opinions and suggestions of the girls regarding their respective situations were heard.

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