Tuesday, 25 August 2020 15:29

In the new academic year - with new possibilities!

The pandemic, lasting for several months, has negatively affected many areas of our daily lives. However, even in such challenging times, each organization continues its activities using all its capabilities.

Similarly, Silk Road International University of Tourism has not stopped its functioning for a single day. Based on the conditions of the pandemic, both educational and working process was implemented.

In early August, an interview was conducted on the admission of teachers to the faculty of the university. It was especially encouraging that among the applicants were highly qualified compatriots who had received education in prestigious foreign universities. It is necessary to note that in this situation it is possible to repatriate our compatriots working abroad.

Teachers who have successfully passed the interview will work on the basis of Syllabus in the subjects of the curriculum in accordance with international educational standards ISO9001-2015.The University curriculum is developed in accordance with international standards, fully complying with the requirements of international organizations. Within the disciplines, teachers are given academic independence and the opportunity to independently and creatively develop curricula (Syllabus). They have all possibilities to attract students to this world of science. The mission of teachers is not only to prepare students for exams or any subject, but to encourage curiosity, creativism, and decision-making skills in any situation. To enhance these skills, projects, presentations, and research on tourist destinations have been introduced in the format of Midterm.

The new academic year will start in a new contemporary building, where the university intends to relocate. The new building, which has the status of " Smart Campus", is being constructed and equipped according to the most prestigious educational establishments of the world. Undoubtedly, such high opportunities only motivate students to study, to work on themselves, to increase knowledge, to realize their potential. We believe that highly qualified professors and specialists will strive to raise the status of an international university and become worthy of this title.

The function of a higher education institution with international reputation in the field of tourism, unique not only in Uzbekistan but also in Central Asia, is invaluable in the development of the tourism industry, in popularization, promotion of the national brand. Given that tourism is a strategically significant sector of the economy, the value of our University is considerable. There is no doubt that our university will soon be the leader in training competitive highly qualified specialists in the field of tourism.

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