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Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan

The culture of Uzbekistan has a rich history, which was inextricably linked by centuries-old traditions and lifestyle of the peoples of Central Asia. Located at the crossroads of the Great Silk road, Uzbekistan has collected on its territory many architectural monuments, ancient fortresses and castles, mysterious and unique natural monuments, elements of folklore, many of which are now protected by UNESCO World Heritage.

To date, UNESCO Representative World Heritage list includes 4 architectural complexes - the Ichan Kala Museum-reserve in Khiva (1990), the historical centre of Bukhara (1993), the historical centre of Samarkand "Samarkand – crossroads of cultures" (2001), the historical centre of Shakhrisabz, the Ugam-Chatkal National Park (2016) and 9 monuments of intangible heritage.

Since the Independence of Uzbekistan, the country has focused not only on preserving cultural heritage through restoration work on monuments, but also on strengthening national consciousness and recognition in world culture.

For more than a Millennium, minarets and ancient domes have become a kind of symbol of many cities, a picturesque silhouette of urban landscapes, their religious and educational institutions-mosques and madrassas.

In independent Uzbekistan, these unique creations of ancient architects have acquired a special status as objects of priceless cultural heritage and are under special state protection.

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